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Race for Democratic presidential nomination turns to Montana

BILLINGS, Mont. - KULR-8 Political Analyst Lee Banville said the recent announcements by Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders show the Democratic race for the presidential nomination is not over.

Banville said it has essentially been eight years since we've had this much action in the Montana primary, when Barrack Obama won over Hillary Clinton in Montana and the other states that vote that day. Banville said we're seeing a similar contest play out this year, but we're not likely to see a similar result.

Banville said elected officials and senior Democrats are heavily favoring Clinton, making it almost impossible for the numbers to work in Sanders' favor. But Banville said Sanders is making the case on a state-by-state basis that voters are picking him.

"Sanders coming to Montana is about our handful of 21 delegates that are available on June 7th, but it's also about sending a message that he's appealing to Democrats in a way that Clinton is still struggling to connect with the sort of average Democrat. She may have the support of all of the elected officials, but Sanders is making the case that really what this is about, this is about Democratic voters. And that's who he seeks to appeal to."

Although Sanders still has a lot of support and could still mathematically secure the nomination, Banville said he thinks Sanders is making the case for Democratic voters about the current state of the Democratic party.

"He's making the case that his message, his harder sort of anti-big bank stance, is where the party needs to go, where Clinton needs to go and where he hopes to push the convention come this summer."

On Monday, the Hillary for Montana campaign announced state Rep. Jenny Eck of Helena has been named the state director of the group.

Over the weekend, Sanders' campaign made the announcement he plans to visit Missoula and Billings on Wednesday. In Billings, doors open to the public at 5 p.m. The rally will be held at MetraPark's Montana Pavilion. The campaign said it will be open on a first come first serve basis. You are encouraged to make a reservation.

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