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Bill and Hillary Clinton: Two-for-one deal?

BILLINGS, Mont. - Former President Bill Clinton held a rally Friday night as the face of the Hillary for America campaign in Montana.

We asked KULR-8 Political Analyst Lee Banville about Bill Clinton campaigning in Billings for his wife.

Banville said in 1992, when the former president was elected, Bill Clinton made a big point of saying you were essentially getting two for one. Not only were you getting the former governor of Arkansas, but also Hillary clinton who had a long track record of political and legal experience.

And Banville said that message appears to be making a comeback.

"We're kind of starting to see that similar message come out of the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign," Banville said. "That essentially, you're not just getting the former secretary of state and former New York senator, but also you're getting former President Bill Clinton who many people still have very positive feelings toward, as sort of a, not a co-leader, but sort of an assistant leader to the new president."

Banville said it may be a little bit of tea leaf reading at this point to assume what the relationship between the Clintons would look like should Hillary be elected. But he said it's certainly something the campaign is floating ideas about.

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