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ZooMontana welcomes unexpected baby beaver

Courtesy: ZooMontana

BILLINGS, Mont. - ZooMontana welcomed a baby beaver Thursday, after discovering the zoo's female beaver was pregnant.

According to a media release, ZooMontana's female North American Beaver, Huckleberry, unexpectedly gave birth to two kits Thursday, the first litter of beavers ever born at the zoo.

But why was it such a surprise? Turns out the zoo's male beaver, Finn, is neutered.

Sadly, one of the kits was stillborn. The second kit was surgically removed, and was essentially dead at birth, but was revived by veterinary staff.

Huckleberry is expected to make a full recovery. But zookeepers say the outlook for the new baby is poor.

For now, both mom and kit will be monitored and cared for behind the scenes.

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